Penelope and Helen – Family tree 13

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The seven Pleiades are daughters of Atlas, himself the son of Iapetus. They therefore relate to the ascent of the planes of mental consciousness (See Family tree 7 and Family tree 8).

Taygete is the sixth Pleiad and corresponds to the plane of the “intuitive mind” which concerns the adventurers of consciousness, that is to say, very advanced seekers on the spiritual path. This plan is described on the page “IAPETUS: ATLAS AND THE PLEIADES”.

The line of Taygete appearing above is described in the page “THE ROYAL LINEAGE OF SPARTA: LEDA, PENELOPE AND HELEN”.

Taygete gave birth to Lacedaemon “the divinity which resounds with force” who himself united with Sparta “what is sown” or “what arises”. It is both a spiritual ascent to new heights and an “emergence” of memories of evolution that present themselves for transformation. For the spiritual process is a movement of ascension and integration into the lower planes of what has been conquered on the higher planes of the spirit.

Lacedaemon fathered Amyclas “the one who must achieve the state without desire”, grandfather of Oibalos who complete the work on fears in the deep layers of consciousness because he united with Gorgophone “the one who kills the Gorgon”.

Oibalos had two sons and a daughter:

-Icarios “a just movement of consciousness”, the father of Penelope “the vision of the thread weaving of consciousness” towards greater freedom.

-Tyndareus, the father of the Dioscuri, Castor and Pollux, “strength” and “great gentleness”, as well as Helen “the evolution towards greater freedom” and Clytemnestra “a renowned wisdom”.

– Arene “that which evolves in a right way” who united to Aphareus “that which is without veil, without masks”, that is to say “in truth”. The latter belongs to the line of Perieres, the sixth son of Aeolus. The couple had two sons: “the overall vision (in truth)” and Lynceus “the vision of details (in truth)”.