The Returns of Diomedes and Nestor

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Returning from Troy, following a quarrel between the two Atrides, Agamemnon and Menelaus, generated by Athena, many Achaean heroes and fighters had to endure the wrath of the goddess. A meeting was called in which Menelaus recommended that everyone should leave Troy as soon as possible, while Agamemnon decided to delay his departure in order to appease the goddess with sacrifices. Half the men chose to stay with him.

At dawn, Nestor, Diomedes and Ulysses set sail. Arriving in Tenedos, Ulysses, overwhelmed by doubt, turned back with his crew.

Menelaus, who left also, joined Nestor and Diomede in Lesbos. On the advice of the gods, they sailed north of Chios. Then they made a stopover in Euboea (Evia) in Geraestus. From there Diomede arrived safely at Argos on the fourth day, and Nestor reached Pylos a little later.

Menelaus, however, followed another route and did not return to Sparta until much later.

There is no evidence to lead us to an understanding of the quarrel between the two Atrides and to what extent it influenced the departure of Diomede “who desires total union in consciousness” or “who is consecrated” as well as that of Nestor “evolution of rectitude.” These last two heroes returned safely home by sea. We do not know anything more.

The consecration of the adventurer of consciousness who seeks union with the Divine, not only in the spirit but in the whole being (Diomedes), is therefore not shaken in any way. The same is true for one of the essential foundations on which the seeker has relied from the beginning: rectitude, integrity or sincerity (Nestor).

These two movements, firmly anchored in the being, remain similar regardless of the plane reached and the direction of yoga. There is no special integration to be made and their “return” is smooth.

It should be noted that these returning voyages are made by sea, which means that the vital is totally consecrated and rectitude on this plane is fully acquired.

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