Atalanta – Family tree 27

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The myths which have come down to us do not give the ancestry of Lycaon “nascent light (that which is obtained in the lower nature as a result of purification)”, father of Callisto “the most beautiful”, that is to say “The most true”. There is even often confusion with a Pelasgian Lycaon which concerns the very beginnings of the path. However, the very name of his son Arcas “the one who resists, who stands firm (the one who endures)” as well as that of his wife Léaneira “the one who is free from attachment”, descendant of the Pleiad Taygete representing the plan of the “Intuitive mind” (cf. Family tree 8) positions this line at a very advanced stage of the path.

This line is described in detail in the page “THE ROYAL LINEAGE OF ARCADIA: ATALANTA

Arcas had two sons:

– Elatos “adaptability” to new situations, to the movement of becoming.

– Aphidas “the one who decides”, symbol of the seeker who advances quickly on the path, who does not dwell on situations which he feels hold him back.

The latter had a son, Aleos “the one who works for the liberation” and a daughter Stheneboea “a powerful incarnation”. The latter married Proitos “the one who puts forward the consciousness on the higher planes” which is among the ancestors of Heracles

Aleos himself had three children:

– Auge “bright light”: after Megara and Deianira, Heracles had a long affair with this heroine whom he had seduced or even raped when coming to recover the horses of Laomedon. She gave him a son Telephos “the light in the distance”.

– Kepheus “the head” or “the mind”: he had a daughter Sterope “a vision extended and through lightnings”.

– Lykurgus “one who passionately desires light”. He joined Cleophyle “a glorious order” or Eurynome “great accuracy” which gave him four sons among whom:

– Amphidamas “everything related to mastery”

– Iasos “he who heals” or “heals himself”.

The latter is the father of Atalanta who embodies the achievement of “equality” in the sense given by Sri Aurobindo. This heroine took part in the Calydon boar hunt which concerns the purification of the low vital (Cf. THE CALYDONIAN BOAR HUNT). His son Parthenopaios “one who has a virgin vision”, that is to say who is free from any opinion and any preference, is one of the attackers of Thebes, that is to say that he participated to the purification of one of the centers of consciousness or chakras.