The Titans – Family tree 3

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The Titans and Titanides come from the union of Ouranos and Gaia (Cf. Family tree 1). They are powers which belong to the world of creation, that is to say to the supramental world as defined by Sri Aurobindo. They are described in detail in the page “THE STRUCTURE OF MYTHOLOGY: THE TITANS AND THEIR DESCENDANTS” and constitute the structure on which almost all of the myths are built.

The reign of the Titans corresponds to the childhood of humanity, that of the Garden of Eden described in the Bible also known as the Golden Age. Men then had a number of powers at their disposal.

When in mankind the mind took over the instincts and impulses of childhood – at the end of the long war between the Titans and the gods – the reign of the gods was established. The Titans were relegated by Zeus to Tartarus, indicating that the forces of creation would no longer be available to man as long as the crossing of the mental plane lasted.

Four Titans are united with Titanides, thereby expressing forces fully active in the manifestation. The Titans Iapetus and Krios are associated with goddesses of lower rank because in all likelihood the ancients wanted to express that the “real” unions could not be achieved until humanity had completed the preliminary stages represented by these temporary unions.

Each Titan has a specific domain of ​​action.

-Hyperion “the highest consciousness” represents the highest degree of creative power

-Koios is the source of the divine sparks around which psychic beings are formed.

-Krios governs liberation and transformation movements

-Japet presides over the evolution of consciousness in humanity

-Cronos is at the origin of the powers of the overmind, the twelve gods of Olympus, responsible for helping humanity in its progression through the planes of the mental plane.

-Oceanos is the father of all currents of consciousness-energy and evolutionary processes.