Gaia and Tartarus – Family tree 1

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This plate explains the Genesis of creation as it was exposed by the poet Hesiod and as it is explained in the page Genesis

The first branch deals with the way in which the Supreme, the Absolute concentrated in Himself represented by Chaos, has objectified Himself in two successive stages: first by Darkness and Night, then by Divine Light and the Day light.

The second branch comes from the first principle “Gaia” which, before it splits, symbolizes the Existence / Consciousness unity. Then this principle is split into Consciousness (Ouranos) and Existence (Gaia), which by successive densifications will be manifested by Spirit and Nature.

At the same time appeared Eros, the principle which links Existence and Consciousness and is expressed by divine ecstasy, bliss or Ananda of the Vedas. Appeared also Tartarus, expression of Nescience, i.e. negation of Consciousness. Note that Tartarus is not the unconscious which is symbolized by the god Hades.

Gaia then gave birth to Pontus, Life – See Family Tree 2 -, and Ourea “the high mountains” which enable humanity to achieve union with the Divine in the Spirit.

Then Ouranos engendered with Gaia the powers of creation, the six Titans and the six Titanides, from which all the genealogical trees of mythology come – See Family tree 3 -, as well as the Cyclops and the Hecatonchires or Hundred-Arms giants, principles on the one hand of divine Omniscience and on the other of divine Omnipotence and Omnipresence.

From Tartarus came Typhon, the symbol of Ignorance, and Echidna, symbol of a perverted evolutionary movement.

Typhon and Echidna united to give birth to the four great monsters that represent the greatest obstacles to evolution:

-The dog Orthros, symbol of the negation of the Truth and therefore of the lie

-Cerberus, the dog of Hades which keeps the access to the underground world, to the consciousness of the unity Spirit / Matter. It represents the negation of Life and therefore also of the awareness of the real nature of death.

-The Lernaean Hydra, symbol of the negation of Joy, due to the desire that comes from the illusion of the consciousness of being separated and therefore from the associated suffering.

-The Chimera, symbol of the negation of the Consciousness, and therefore of the Illusion.

Orthros and Echidna united to give birth to the Nemean Lion, symbol of the Ego, and to Phix – the Sphinge – who embodies perverted wisdom.