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Claude de Warren

Claude de Warren

Born of June 18th 1949 in Paris, Claude began from early on to devote himself to the study of human evolution and the workings of consciousness.
As he was working full-time as an engineer installing radar systems at airports, he found he had to reduce the demands of his job to pursue his calling.
He explored at great length different currents of spirituality, and deepened his understanding of symbolism within numerous areas and esoteric traditions.
The study of Sri Aurobindo’s works marked a decisive turning-point in his research, and helped him formulate a synthesis of his knowledge. Despite not having previously had any specific interest in Greek mythology he was led to it step by step, progressively updating decoding methods used by the masters of wisdom of antiquity.

In 2016 he moved to Auroville.

Ilion Auroville

To spread his knowledge of Greek mythology faster and broader, Claude founded Ilion Auroville. The team of eight people now is working on producing documentaries, online classes, and translations, all based on Claude’s work.

Our office is in Savitri Bhavan.