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Greek mythology, yoga of the west (3 volumes)

Yoga, according to the Sanskrit origin of the word, means a journey toward union with the Supreme Reality. It was often in India that our increasingly directionless civilization has looked for the secret, ignoring that Greece had also hidden hers in her myths.
Indeed, how could we believe that the ancient Greeks during Homer’s times, approximately 140 generations ago – that is to say our older brothers on the scale of human evolution – would have drawn an immense fresco of more than a thousand characters, merely for literary, historical or moral purposes? Is it not more logical to assume that an elite has transcribed in a coded form its highest knowledge in the realm of human experience?
The author of the books presented on this site give us the keys that he has rediscovered during many years of research. Applying them methodically and in a logical progression, he proposes an interpretation of the myths and introduces us step by step to this very complex but perfectly coherent literary monument. Then this mythology reveals itself as an extraordinary synthesis of various spiritual paths.



Born on June 18th, 1949 in Paris, Claude de Warren very early dedicated himself to the study of the human evolution and the functioning of the consciousness.
He explored for a long time various currents of the spirituality and went deeper into the symbolism of numerous disciplines and esoteric traditions.
The study of the works of Sri Aurobindo marked a decisive turning point in its search and allowed him to operate a synthesis of his knowledge.
Then, without having developed previously a particular interest for the Greek mythology, he was led towards it step by step, updating gradually the keys of encryption used by masters of wisdom of ancient Greece.