Achilles and Ajax – Family tree 25

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The line from the Asopos River is one of the major lines from Oceanos and therefore relates to the purification / liberation process.

The name Asopos, like that of his wife Metope, is related to “the vision”. It means “the one who sees the mud” and represents the yoga work that plunges into the quagmires of the subconscious and the unconscious.

This line is described in detail in the page “THE LINEAGE OF ASOPOS: ACHILLES”.

Recall that this line can be continued by a woman, Aegina, because she is fertilized by Zeus and that no author mentions Actor as being the father of Aeacus.

Aeacus “the opening of consciousness” embodies a new impulse given by the superconscious to the “need for evolution”, impulse towards a return to bodily consciousness.

Aeacus was “the most pious of all the Greeks”, and also “the best in combat as well as in counseling”: he therefore symbolizes the most advanced seeker in the three yogas, that of Devotion (he is the most pious), that of Knowledge (the best in advice) and that of Works (the best in combat).

Eaque having found himself alone on an island, Zeus then transformed all the ants into men and women, creating the Myrmidon people “the ants”: this story would indicate a new attention paid to the tiny movements of consciousness under the impulse of the supraconscious as well as a thorough purification capacity, ants being the great cleaners. Aeacus had two sons: Telamon, father of the great Ajax “the highest consciousness that penetrates into being”, and Peleus.

As fate had revealed that Thetis, daughter of Nereus “the old man of the sea”, would give birth to a child more powerful than his father, Zeus and Poseidon agreed to unite her with a mortal, Peleus “the one who works in mud “.

Thetis gave birth to Achilles and tried to purify the deadly part of the child by plunging him at night in the fire, but Peleus took fright and stopped the process. She then returned to her kingdom of the deep sea.

Achilles will be one of the main actors in the Trojan War.